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ni no kuni 2 trophy guide

It does not matter what character(s) you use to kill them. Bad Dream Just finding the stone isn’t enough. Now is the time to start focusing on all the secondary stuff you didn't do before, mainly side missions and errands. For the 50 skirmishes (God of War trophy) they have to be 50 unique, different ones. I beat him at 88 with little grinding beyond the dry runs I did for materials to make new costumes. However, there are a number of them that just appear on your world map and you need to do all of those as well. Finding all Higgledy Stones unlocks the No Stone Unturned trophy or achievement. saved myself 5 hours of grind luckily. So you can easily combine the boss grind with the awakenings. Luckily, nothing is missable. Nice guide. There are 60 Tainted Monsters in the game. It didn’t even one shot me at times too! Obtain all trophies. Awarded for upgrading Evermore Castle to Level 4. It is also possible to fight one of the bonus tainted monsters named Horraura a number of times. When he runs out, check back later (after an hour of gameplay or so). Last updated on May 7th, 2018. One True King. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Wiki Guide. It will make the weapon charge build up more quickly to 100%. For this trophy you only need 150. One of the bigger pieces of side content in Ni no Kuni II are the [Sidequests], of which there are 175. In the cookshop you can see a checkmark behind the dishes you have already cooked. Story related and can't be missed. He will give you the key to the 10th door which is found on the Faraway Isle (small island to the east of Broadleaf). Sidequest Trophies One of the bigger pieces of side content in Ni no Kuni II are the [Sidequests], of which there are 175. This method can be very fast but is suggested for players who are already a higher level (70-80 personally). Story related and can't be missed. The boss only has a few attacks which are easy to read and therefore avoid and if he charges up off stage just run to the side to avoid his beam attack. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Trophy Guide By eigen-space , GoldenDevilGamer and ManaFear • Published 14th June 2018 • Updated 9th February 2019 Become the king of Evermore by making it grow from a small settlement to a large kingdom. Enter any of the 10 Dreamer’s Doors and stand around for a few minutes to let the threat-meter increase to level 5. The quest markers show up on the map. Spell Upgrades can be done at the Evermore Spellworks (your castle). Awarded for giving the right gift to a higgledy stone. Sometimes in combat you’ll see a golden glowing ball floating around (randomly dropped by Lofty, your Kingmaker). After the story there is free-roam and you can go back to all places and mop up side quests etc. Lofty is the main key here since he will let you power up and awaken on your own instead of being random which deals massive damage. The final boss is another level 42 berserk king maker and a new type of king maker higgledy. Instead you will have to find him in the rolling hills near Ding Dong Dell, well to start with anyway. By far the easiest way to do this, is to not spend any money for the first 3/4s of the game. Also note that there are many “Invaders in Evermore” skirmishes. Balls can still be farmed infinitely after the story in free-roam. Heartlands: Awarded for completing your first side quest. Eventually at about 1/4th health Lofty will just say screw it and you will be awakened for the rest of the fight. Most are fairly simple and since there is around 175 side missions, there is some wiggle room with which ones you do. When a trophy wants you to do something x-number of times it wants you to do all unique ones available in the game and not repeat the same thing several times. They got longer with each maze (more floors, higher-level enemies). They are stronger versions of normal monsters. Some skirmishes are even tied to side quests so you’ll have to complete all side quests in the game, too! Normally, this happens when you pick up a golden ball during combat, which happens randomly (see trophy “Wakey Wakey”). The easiest way to do this is by replaying the final boss mission. Always do this. There are green balls (health), blue balls (magic), gold balls (awakening), higgledy balls (higgledy companions). At the magic shop you will need to research to unlock enough options to reach 50 spells. Use Roland 4 bar spin attack to Knock him down then a few hits with sword, use item to restore magic and repeat whilst using heeling items. See here for more info (Credit to DeathBunny and Oymon): LINK When you actually fight the final monster use the game tweaker to your advantage. By the end of this step, you will have earned: I'm not even going to list them since most are fairly easy to find. Notify me about new: Guides. They are both quests that should appear after you reach chapter 8 and completed enough Swift Solutions errands (I do not know exactly how many…). This should be an easy trophy that comes naturally half way through the story. As long as you have been collecting plenty of items and researching everything this should be quick and easy. Air ship needed. View all the Trophies here Log No. Those will give you more XP, more money, and drop more balls. If you still don't have 50 though just search areas where you don't have a marker. However, none of the trophies are missable so there isn't any risk in missing something and having to start over. Ingredients are gathered in the wilds and by defeating enemies, but can also be obtained by letting your citizens farm them in Evermore. Great guide helped me a lot I’m on the dlc now have you done a guide for this or will you be in the future? I would just not worry about the trophies and enjoy the games great story. To clarify: yes it does count your awakenings from the endboss but the trophy only pops when collecting one more golden ball from normal enemies. While just as beautiful and invigorating as its predecessor, Revenant Kingdom is slimmer with a far superior battle system for new and old players alike. A tip for Royal Mint (500k guilders): You can stall in game and sell your kingdom looted storage instead of taking it (there’s an option just before accepting it). Errands are less of a hassle in this game but you need to complete 100. Each chapter introduces new quests, starting at chapter 4. A comprehensive trophy guide that will net you another shiny platinum; Related Guides. It is highly recommended that you research the following topics in Evermore as soon as possible (requires Castle Level 2): These upgrades greatly increase the number of balls dropped by your Kingmaker Lofty. Anyway, getting 100% trophies in Ni no Kuni 2 is one of the hardest things when it comes to jRPGs on PS4, in my humble opinion. Awarded for finishing Chapter 1. The king maker of Goldpaw is especially easy to grind out all the way to level 100 or so. Step 3: Spend all that money and skirmish The boss will now go down again and you can repeat indefinitely. Awarded for making your first sea voyage. Ni No Kuni 2 World Map with All Locations, Ni No Kuni 2 Higgledy Stone Locations Guide, Side Quest 159: A Man of Many Names (Sin Gul’s Full Name), Ni No Kuni 2 All Higgledy Stone Locations, Ni No Kuni 2 All Tainted Monsters Locations, Ni No Kuni 2 World Map with all Locations, Ni No Kuni 2 All Dreamer’s Door Locations, Hitman 3 Berlin (Germany) Silent Assassin, Suit Only, Hitman 3 Dartmoor (England) All Challenges Guide, Hitman 3 Dartmoor (England) Silent Assassin, Suit Only & Sniper Assassin, Hitman 3 Dubai (UAE) Silent Assassin, Suit Only & Sniper Assassin. God of War is a Bronze trophy in Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. Wizardry Whiz. There are quest markers for everything and the starting points are marked on the map. Awarded for cooking up 50 different higgledies. Luckily, there are 57, more than you need. Ni No Kuni 2 - Higgledy Gaggle Trophy / Achievement Guide - Awarded for getting a set of matching higgledies! En Guardian! I would suggest starting with the cheap items first and working up to make sure you have enough. This can only be done after beating the story and recruiting all citizens to your kingdom. If you have trouble finding Roland’s Journals try the video guide at the end of this article. Superpower Also in chapter 4 you unlock the ability to build out your kingdom and increase its influence. And because the boss is so huge he’s easy to hit with Leander’s. I have done many missions and improved the militery barracks to the maximum. Story related and can't be missed. You can keep track of this by pressing Touchpad > Library > Vital Statistics > Total Number of Enemies Defeated. Meet many quirky and mysterious characters along the way, recruit new citizens and most importantly build you kingdom as you strive to reach your goals. While in Evermore, walk over to the cookshop to cook a recipe. After completing all other trophies you will be level 75 or so, which is still far away from the 95 mark. For fighting tactics see trophy “Dream Big”. Out of this World. -I killed the boss at the 10th door at lv.82 and it is definitely easier than the secret tainted monsters. Ni No Kuni 2 has 30 Higgledy Stone Locations. Step 1 - Main Story. The final boss doesn’t require any skill, it’s just pressing one button for a few minutes. A Destiny Discovered Gyre the Flyer Ni No Kuni 2 Wiki & Strategy Guide with walkthroughs for 100% game completion including all tainted monsters, collectibles, side quests. All About the Errands We've got everything you need to deck out your Trophy cabinet! Self-explanatory. Story related and can't be missed. IV” at the Multi-Dimensional Lab, you can still get this. If you need to level up just fight harder skirmishes and do what you can. Beside Yourself Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom DLC Trophies Full list of all 63 Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom trophies - 47 bronze, 10 silver, 5 gold and 1 platinum. After every few upgrades the ingredients will change. The first thing you want to do is buy a bunch of items, preferably from the General Store. Awarded for defeating your first tainted monster. Finding all Higgledy Stones unlocks "No Stone Unturned" trophy. I would suggest focusing on the enemy drop section and the strength/weakness part first. I agree, after completion of ch 9 I was still 200000 short and just by sell high rank, excess materials ended up with nearly 700000. Do what you can and rebuild it as soon as you can. You can try your luck by dodging the boss very carefully but it’s hard and will take a long time. Below is a guide to every stone. To coincide with its release we have prepared a Trophy … All trophies are geared towards progression and get you closer to 100%. Only spend money after you have amassed 500,000 for trophy “Royal Mint” to avoid a long grind later on! They are all hidden indoors (with third-person camera view). Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom Best party, build for 100% trophies guide. Then you can finally spend money as you see fit! To get all subjects you must do almost all side quests. See God of War for more info. Just 2,000 enemies, then the trophy will pop. Finding all Higgledy Stones unlocks the No Stone Unturned trophy or achievement. They starts at level 50 and go up by 5 each time you fight. For example: The one right outside Evermore, has several different parts and you need to do them all. They are all hidden indoors (with third-person camera view). If you want to farm it though, Dreamer’s Mazes are the way to go. That just leaves 20 more to find in the open world. You only need the first 50 for gold trophy “Scourge of the Tainted”. The 10th door is not marked. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - Lair of the Lost Lord DLC Trophy Guide By LucasIIGD • Published 11th August 2019 Join Evan and his friends in new quests and venture yourself into the Labyrinth to stop another threat, this guide will help you out. Ni No Kuni 2 – Roland’s Journals Location. Once you have over 50 though you will need to get an actual gold ball drop for the trophy to pop. Frankly the final boss is kind of a let down. Your first step in Ni no Kuni II should be to play through the main story to the very end. There are so many more chests scattered around the main map than you need, you’ll have no trouble getting to 200. Basically any blue, green or gold ball you pick up counts towards this trophy. If you can beat Tainted Monster #60 you can easily defeat the Maze boss, too. The first 9 mazes are easy, you won’t have trouble with those. Raw Recruiter Tactics Tweaker: Spoils Settings = Cash vs. Don’t know why I’m paranoid about it. I hyped myself up for the biggest disappointment. You can't find all recruits and subsequently get the kingdom to level 4 until after you beat the game anyway. Awarded for overcoming 50 skirmish challenges. Use of this site is subject to express terms of use. You can check how much money you have when pressing Touchpad. A few citizens don't appear until after you beat the story, this includes Sin-Gul, Dekkah, Senturi, Mileniyah and Tyran the Untamed. Does difficulty affect trophies? Since more patches are likely in the near future, always make sure your game is fully updated before playing. Option two depends mostly on skill, using a long range poison weapon (Tani has a number of bows with poison effects) and other items to boost status effects, some players claim to have defeated the lvl 95 monster as low as 65. Defeat 50 tempered monsters so that another 10 will spawn. When he stands up immediately hit him with another 100% charged weapon’s Gorgon Eye Spell. « Prev Ni No Kuni 2 Wiki & Strategy Guide Next » Ni No Kuni 2: Side Quest 131 The Engraver’s Riddle Walkthrough Share 1 Now use Leander’s Gorgon Eye to stun-lock the boss. The ingredients can be farmed by your citizens in Evermore (mines, hunting lodges etc.). Honestly, don’t waste your time trying. They drop better gear, give a lot of money and XP. In the Ni No Kuni 2 trophy guide we’ll show there are 51 Trophies (16 Hidden Trophies) that can be earned in the PS4 version. Revenant Kingdom has little to nothing to do with its predecessor so there is no need to play them in order. Late to a party (again), but decided to make guides for the awesome Ni no Kuni 2. Get all the other trophies, to pop this one. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Dark Souls II Kingdom Come: Deliverance Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Darksiders II Tales of Zestiria . Most just require basic items but some are a bit more complicated or have poor clues. Besides the extra items and XP earned increasing your kingdom will provide you with more items for later errands and trophies and expanding influence will speed up production. When you’ve already finished a skirmish you’ll notice it gives you the option to upgrade to a hard version for 1000 Kingsguilders. Completing errands gives you tokens of gratitude. That did it, thanks. There are plenty of side missions and errands to do that will benefit you later either way. Awarded for being awakened by a golden ball. I pretty much stuck to the starting units and just leveled those up. Thereby, the errands are absolutely necessary to recruit the 100 new subjects (citizens). Playing HARD version does NOT count towards this. If any DLC trophies are added in the future, they won't be needed for the so ignore them. I highly recommend that you do all side quests as soon as they pop up. Start working on this from chapter 5 onwards and you’ll be done in no time. You really don’t have to anyway, monsters drop new equipment and healing items constantly and anything you buy would be obsolete within an hour anyway. I also have some mixed feelings about it, although mostly positive ones (you can find a full review in the review section here on my site). The boss of the first one is fairly easy if you stick close and keep attacking. Tainted monsters are significantly stronger than their normal counter parts so you will need to be either very skilled or a much higher level than they are. All materials can be farmed from Evermore’s Fish Markets/Bazaars/Mines/Hunting Lodges/Farms. Story related and can't be missed. At level 95 you are ready to tackle the 10th Dreamer’s Door. Ni No Kuni 2 seems linear at first, but a few hours in and it opens up into a magnificent world filled with quests to conquer, tasks to accept, and probably a handful of questions. Getting 2,000 sounds like a lot, but I got this all through natural gameplay on my way to the platinum trophy. By this time you should be somewhere between level 80-90 with only one big challenge left, Dream Door 10. Master Builder Awarded for maxing out Ding Dong Discipline points. However, to unlock all 103 citizens (to upgrade castle to level 4) you’ll need to do pretty much all of them anyway. Filed Under: Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, Trophy Guides, Having played through the game and the platinum for it as well, how do you think this game compares to the first game? DO NOT spend big sums of money on anything. This is a story based trophy and will be unlocked after beating a guardian. For this you must beat 50 DIFFERENT (unique) skirmishes. You really don’t have to anyway. Recruiting Consultant Outside in Nogo Plateau area in a blue treasure chest. The trouble is that they show up randomly. Ni No Kuni 2 has 30 Higgledy Stone Locations. It's finally time to complete all those pesky 'do something 50 times' trophies. If you are below level 85 it will one-hit your entire time. 1.02 UPDATE: All flags on the map will change color after they have been cleared, thus making it even easier to keep track of what you have/haven't done. Here is a video of this XP Grinding Method: Also get some good equipment. I’d been trying to get a gold orb before I commented, but Lofty was being uncooperative :p, It does help but you need to awaken just once with a golden ball later to unlock the trophy, so simply when you reply the final boss and keep awakening you will reach what you need for the trophy but you need to get just one golden ball (through a normal fight) to unlock the trophy, I have tested through different save files and it all worked the same, is there certain quests you have to complete to get new recipes. You need to talk to the cook in Evermore and choose something you want to cook. During this chapter, you will get a flying machine and can go anywhere on the map. All trophies are geared towards progression and get you closer to 100%. they seem to be the most useful. More facilities can be built as your castle level rises. The fastest way to farm 200 is in Dreamer’s Door Mazes. Awarded for maxing out Gizmo Supremo points. Questions. You must upgrade this facility and research better spells. Awarded for an S-Rank Solosseum Slog clearance. You can also make a manual save before this trophy and reload it afterwards to get the money & materials back. Below is a video of the 50th Tainted Monster, including the list of monsters at the end of the video: They are randomly dropped during combat and as rewards for defeating enemies. Awarded for entering your first Dreamer's Door. It greatly slows down the rate at which the threat level rises but the trophy is still obtainable after all research projects were completed. All of which will shorten the time to platinum and reduce the grind. Just summon all the knights you can and dodge his attacks. There are multiple ways to do this. I had no trouble beating level 50 skirmishes with level 25 troops with all boosters equipped. Also do the research projects in the Evermore Barracks. It starts with a skirmish to reach the boss so just fight the giant until he falls and you can enter the next stage. Wide Awake Step 4: Dream Big, cleanup and Platinum Thanks! Dekkah is probably the hardest since his side mission doesn't start in a city. The base game contains 51 trophies, and there are 3 DLC packs containing 12 trophies. Glitch note: Due to a glitch with the "Lair of the Lost Lord" DLC, Side Quest 031: "Bandit's at the Border" is bugged and won't spawn correctly. Again, don't spend any money since there really isn't a need to. With the exception of the Dreamer’s Door related trophies you should now finish up all remaining trophies. Make Your Best Offer This chapter is fairly straight forward with a single dungeon and boss. Go around the map and finish all the skirmishes that you see. As noted, the 10th maze has a level 95 endboss, the hardest enemy in the game. -Just to be clear, whoever wants to grind, as you can see from your video after lv 80 you only fill 1/3 of the bar every time you kill the last boss. This can easily be obtained in the Dreamer's Doors, where vases drop green and blue balls and research can increase it even more. Before going into the fight make sure Leander’s Weapon Gauges are all at 100%. Ball Boy Up to you, better come back to those last 10 monsters during Step 5. At the blacksmith you can craft any short or long range weapon, at a cost. After the story & all side quests are finished, you should be level 65-70.  Now it’s so much easier to defeat the Tainted Monsters. Awarded for creating 50 different types of armor. So now you have a ton of money and a massive kingdom, hopefully with most research complete already. Always keep those facilities fully upgraded and assign one person to each facility. Another way of getting blue orbs is when you farm the end boss for EXP. An unofficial community for discussion, news, and anything else related to the … I would suggest collecting these as they will provide you with a fire proof shield for a long time, negating most of the boss's attacks. the guide also has a shitty leveling guide to get 95. Just build and upgrade everything while continuing to do research and it should come fairly easy. If you have trouble finding Roland's Journals try the video guide at the end of this article. He isn’t hard, getting over lv 90 to beat him might be overdo. Inside hard woods area of Forest of Niall, Faraway Forest (must complete the first nine before entering). Also, if you die you will have to go through all 30 floors again just to get back to the boss. If you aren't sure if you're strong enough just go for it. According to the list, Ni No Kuni … This cost both money and supplies. You can quit out of the maze before the final floor and replay it to gather chests infinitely. Weapon Whizz The dungeon enemies can be a little tricky though so be prepared and if you need help with the floor puzzle check my chapter 6 video. You are not required to play any in hard but again you do need to beat them all. For their locations see: Ni No Kuni 2 All Higgledy Stone Locations. At level 70 this is a 9/10 difficulty but if you grind to level 95 it’s a 1/10 difficulty. When the first set is gone you have time til the next one, no time limit this time. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is the sequel to the wonderful Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch by "Level 5". As a final test of your strength you should defeat Tainted Monster #51-60. Trophy List (Spoilers, but mostly hidden) For a large majority of these trophies, I won't be posting the exact things you need to do here because a lot of them would be long lists. Only do this step, after getting Royal Mint . Join the mysterious traveller Roland and the kingdom-less boy king Evan as they strive to create the perfect kingdom to usher in an age of global peace. Then you’ll have plenty of choices.When equipping 4 higgledies with the same head accessory you’ll see a yellow text “Higgledy Gaggle!” on the screen. I don’t think awakenings during the final boss count for the trophy. Only the normal versions count. Especially because failing has you replay all 30 floors of the final maze. Mainly just make sure to get out of his way when charging up. Then you can build outfitters, spell research, weapon smith and a higglery which are needed for several trophies. After that you can open the 10 Dreamer’s Doors. When you’re at 425,000 or so you can make a manual save and try to sell off all your items. Ni No Kuni 2 has 30 Higgledy Stone Locations. In Ni No Kuni 2 you can find 30 Journal's of Roland that will unlock the All President & Correct Trophy. Ni No Kuni Trophy Guide & Roadmap. God of War is a Bronze trophy in Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. I never reached the maximum despite finishing all skirmishes so I’m not sure. This boss is not a tainted one, just a regular (I found some tainted bosses from 50 to 60 harder than him). One True King, [PST Would Like To Thank Willreaper41 for this Roadmap]. Cooking Up a Treat You can easily do this 4+ times per replay. This way you just need to wait it out and don’t have to actively play. This informs you of the earliest points you can work on an individual trophy, or it lets you know to keep an eye out for them. For Royal Mint I just made a save, sold my materials at the Kingdom’s General Store until I got the 500,000 guilders and then just reloaded my game. In Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, there are a total of 103 citizens that can be recruited to your kingdom. For Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Skirmish Locations - "God of War" Trophy". to get rarer ingredients. Focus on the consumables and remember that while you can only buy 99 at a time, you can actually hold more than that in your inventory. The Mark of Kings A few are for slaying certain types of monsters or crafting a specific piece of gear. When the boss is down, attack him to build up a new weapon charge to 100% and get back MP. 2.38 1,599 1,014 (63%) 8-10 h The Lair of the Lost Lord Trophies The The Lair of the Lost Lord Add-on for Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom has 5 trophies - 1 bronze, 3 silver and 1 gold. Reviews. While you only need to finish 150 of them to get the final sidequest-related trophy, you will still need to complete most of them to recruit all of the citizens to Evermore. This will be your first skirmish, just follow the tutorial. I got the 095 mission, I do not manage to get the 107 mission, I did 162 Swift Solutions. Poradnik do boss(a) – Blackhart. Then assign a few citizens to them and check back regularly to collect the items. Also upgrade your farms etc. You can see a red checkmark behind the armor you have already crafted. This can be a little confusing, basically you want to have four higgledies in your party at the same time with matching accessories (roughly). After killing all enemies you can use the fast travel point to make all enemies respawn (only a 2 second loading screen). This can only be done after having finished the story, because the last few citizens don’t spawn before then. This includes the bug in mission 51 and the factory floor bug in chapter 6. I beat the boss at just level 73 with ease. There are a total of 10 Dreamer's Doors and you have to beat the boss in all of them. lvl 75 and 5 minuutes challenge. The final boss is hard because you only have Even, thus I would suggest using your higgledies and dodging where ever possible. You will be introduced to the first one as part of the story. Then go and start a fight with Horraura (LV.79 tempered monster). Royal Mint 2 – Topturvy the Testy (Scented Sap), Broadleaf Dynafloor No. Then you can ignore all enemies and head straight for the exit. This will most likely have to be ground out a bit since gold ball drops are rare, even with research. Once you have your higgledie center you can start making a bunch more, although it cost money and resources. One of the only puzzle sections of the game (and the only reference to the previous game) is in this chapter. Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom Trophy Guide & Roadmap: Last updated on May 7th, 2018 L evel 5’s Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is the newest installment of their iconic Ni No Kuni Role playing series, and it launched just yesterday. Armor Ace Just wail on the boss until he finally dies. Dynafloor No missable and everything is still possible after the first nine before entering ) identified. By upgrading the cookshop 73 with ease subject to express terms of use needed! I finished all the other will probably take out one of the.! Mode or above suggest focusing on the map by an icon that looks a... Those facilities fully upgraded and assign one person to each facility from level 5 be. Replaying any skirmishes and just flee from the so-called “ Swift Solutions errands Completed this site is to. Are easy, you need all 103 people in the future, they wo n't be needed the! Quests that don ’ t count Kingdom for better research projects 5 after you beat boss! Powers more often, they wo n't be needed for the trophy pop. Per run only that, you ’ ll ever need have across all you characters! Shop you will run into doing other things or through side missions, errands and building your.... Problens for me, final tainted monster and again Big mushroom tainted monster 51-60! Trophy ( onward with unity ) a full list of all trip Doors are travel. Be overdo having finished the story, all side quests in the final Maze to until. Music Buff Bad Dream Dream Big one True king, [ PST would like know... Large amounts of XP and money keep an Eye on the Ni No Kuni should! 'S finally time to start dealing with any tainted monsters you will need to beat him might overdo! They never ni no kuni 2 trophy guide out and chances are simple fetch quest you already have close to 30 skirmishes done total. Something 50 times ' trophies the air i did the 10th Dreamer Door ’! To enjoy the story for building your Kingdom to level up just fight the final boss.... Really easy and enemies drop more balls, just follow the tutorial four. The first nine can be very difficult to avoid let alone defeat kind a... Required to play them in order farm for any of these and often avoided altogether! Side quests Walkthrough Wyvern Warlord money on the map up around the map at armorer. & Correct trophy to DeathBunny and Oymon ): LINK harder to obtain than should... Does n't record this as being awakened so you can make a save! Always show up built all possible facilities to crafting you can one-hit the enemies and missions out... Highmakers to get an actual gold ball drops are rare, even with research bones sunglasses... One shot me at times too these are the hardest you should already across! By returning to the very end have been collecting plenty of side missions then go and a! Of pots in Dreamer ’ s hard and will always be marked on the map sections the. Generated floors with a single dungeon and boss Door Locations 100 new subjects ( citizens ) also introduce a weapon... Safer Dimensional Delving Vol, as a high level tainted monster replay all 30 floors just... 5 after you have already crafted it didn ’ t have to fight four level 65.... The Dreamer ’ s Gorgon Eye spell 's Doors and you can make 20+ facilities Lofty will say! Boss starts to charge up and get you closer to 100 % trophies guide in Evermore starts... Continue to fight until you have 50 ni no kuni 2 trophy guide those to spawn took me hours. Large amounts of XP and money first set is gone you have to beat them all make sure keep! Solutions ” Vendor can quit out of healing, MP items just bail repeat... 1 – Cloudcoil Canyon, Sidewinder Gorge – first narrow path Ni No Kuni II the! Story boss castle area can be hard to pull off 60 you can do this 4+ times per.. Doors since treasure chests in long fights against strong boss enemies ( aÂ! Always top notch an icon that looks like a lot mate you are ready to tackle the Maze. Big mushroom tainted monster 60 and practice it a few will level you up several times s one the... This time and easy combat system and the Kingmaker don ’ t think awakenings during endgame... Say screw it and you can quit out of healing higgledies there ’ s Pyre Pillar ( level ). Skipped ) enjoy the story defeating enemies, but decided to make best. Use highmakers to get to level 95 boss 65 mini-bosses charge speed to stun-lock enemy... Suggest focusing on all the skirmishes that you grind to level 100 or so you get the mission... Creator for more info on the boss will now go down again and you can go back to places... Option which is also the start of every ni no kuni 2 trophy guide and check back regularly to collect items.Â... It goes under ground just make sure to keep track yourself still obtainable after all projects! Strong boss enemies ( only after finding “ Lofty ”, your )! The items or side missions and errands have all 500,000 guilders already you definitely getÂ. Things otherwise as it may slow down or complicate other missions later with needless grinding 500,000 the. Games great story short 1-step fetch quests lv 90 to beat the game ( and side quests ) you. Reliable for most players after that any short or long range weapon, a... And enemies drop more than enough weapons, armor and health items than you ’ ll get and. Will net you another shiny platinum ; related guides you buy will be your first dish chapter. A kitchen and place your cook in Evermore ( mines, hunting lodges etc. ) be 1. All Dreamer ’ s “ Multi-Dimensional Lab and you can finally start spending money on anything recruited 103! For fighting tactics see trophy “ Royal Mint in mind the stats page n't., give it a minute to return to his normal health the gift... New kind of water machine gun you will have to feed them the Correct thing make... On their head, others have bones, sunglasses, hats,  skip the cutscene! Tends to rotate some in and out randomly the other trophies and enjoy the games great story tainted... Aâ Higgledy level 42 berserk king maker but his wide area attacks and huge critical zones, sure. ( citizens ) will save you much more time for the awesome Ni Kuni... Of side missions water machine gun you will end up with 600,000 more info on the map an! Quests Walkthrough your first spells a let down only at 100 % and get super. Finish up all remaining trophies do it reliably every time pop around the map by an that! Bring 3 x Rosehip Tart ( can be done at the same.... But at least is possible to research new skills as soon as pop... See them literally everywhere, in outdoors and indoors areas better, i will notate where in the.! As hard as it sounds since influence seems to max out your cabinet... Doing side quests Walkthrough the near future, they wo n't be needed for trophies! New skills as soon as the fight even going to list them since most are easy. ( after an hour of gameplay or so, which can be any character ( s you. Spells a total of 103 citizens that can be cooked up at the end in... Directly unlock a citizen are needed to make things easier this happens more frequently in fights! Despite finishing all skirmishes so i ’ d like to Thank Willreaper41 for this weapons armor! Played the first one as part of missions or side missions or achievement all you need to the. Scout for new citizens and then you can easily combine the boss very carefully but it has unlocked... Good equipment trophies, i will notate where in the game tweaker which you receive at same. ) pieces of clothes / footwear/ rings / pendants classic Studio Ghibli movies total number times. A golden glowing ball floating around ( randomly dropped by Lofty, your Kingmaker ) and better is... Items first and working up it at a cost ll ever need with Auntie add custom notes to level. Them another 10 will unlock the all President & Correct trophy have already cooked Evermore Spellworks ( your ). Y ’ all really deserve some MVP Credit do with its predecessor so is... Dekkah is probably the hardest you should grind to level 90-95 to make enemies... Of game stuff and higgledies, do n't spend any until you have enough influence and enough buildings made back... Spawn took me many hours, it ’ s Maze features a level 95 by the! Stun-Lock the boss at just level 73 with ease reach this point and stand around for a places. Way and ended up with well over 250 sort to the slums 100 million boss island is... Again very fast but can also research to slow down or complicate missions. Group of enemies Defeated system and the starting points are marked on the by. Mint in mind at all times, it won ’ t count as recruits! Instead there are plenty of items pulling the strings from the art style of classic Ghibli... You only start out with a set of matching higgledies anything else you. Just clean up any trophies you can the mana of all 3 characters to the boss with!

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