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specialized turbo levo sl comp weight

Click here for more information or order it directly in our shop! RETURNS & REFUNDS, Copyright 2017-2020 The Loam Wolf | All Rights Reserved |. Instead you can play around with the trail features almost as effortlessly as with a normal trail bike, popping off ledges and getting into the air even without much momentum. On the other hand, the Levo SL also weighs 3.6 kg more than the Specialized S-Works SRAM AXS 29 Stumpjumper, which reads 13.32 kg on our scale. Our size large also comes with an X-fusion Manic 150mm dropper post. This caused us to scream for joy when we hit the G spot. All details and the 2021 Specialized Turbo Levo collection. This trail beauty has a stiffer … The only reminder will be the Specialized motor buzzing in the background, which can be quieter or not depending on the support level and the gear you’re riding in. Riders who want to be carried up mountains without breaking a sweat or want to show off with their powerful motor. The Range Extender can feed the motor either in parallel with the main battery, sequentially or on its own, without using the main battery at all. With a new motor and an impressive weight of 16.9 kg, the brand new Specialized S-Works Levo SL 2020 paves the way for a brand new type of eMTB. Based off the ever-popular Specialized Stumpjumper, the Turbo Levo SL looks and rides a lot like its analog sibling. Every die-hard mountain biker who would like to ride more trails, suffer less on nasty climbs and feel even safer on the way down, while riding just as nimbly. We aimed to build a Stumpjumper with a bit more boost to it and that’s exactly what you get—a … The SL shares similar features and design with the Levo and Stumpjumper, such as the asymmetrical frame design featuring the iconic stiffening sidearm. Just as the more powerful Specialized 2.1 motor of the Levo, the SL 1.1 motor has three standard modes: Eco, Trail and Turbo, all of which can be freely customised via the Specialized Mission Control app, along with a walk assist too. Our favourite setting which we used most of the time (except for sections with strong headwinds and really steep gravel paths): 35% support, 100% peak power. If you’re wondering why we haven’t mentioned Specialized’s hardware manufacturing partners Brose or Mahle, here is why: for the hardware of the SL 1.1 motor, Specialized have created their own ecosystem, relying on a team of over 30 experts to address crucial topics such as connectivity, motor software and app development. Read on to find out why the Levo SL is truly revolutionary and everything it’s capable of. Riding road bikes that are basically retracing the evolution of mountain bikes in the 1980’s doesn’t look very fun to us, yet the exploding “gravel” scene says otherwise. However, we would definitely swap the 180 mm rotor of the rear brake with a bigger 200 mm disc. If you have any questions or things, you’d like to see us focus on in our upcoming review, please leave them below so we can be sure to focus on them. Specialized Turbo Levo SL technology The Levo SL is a 150mm-travel trail e-bike with 29in wheels. Considering that this is a 29” eMTB, the Levo SL has super short chainstays, which are partly responsible for the bike’s lively character. The Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp Carbon is the perfect trail bike that combines cutting-edge technology, kinematics, and head-turning geometry for a biker’s dream come true. The 9 lbs of weight on the more powerful Levo keeps it stable and planted but it also means it's not as agile and not as willing to change direction. First things first. We tested the Levo SL Expert Carbon, which retails for $9,025 and comes with a pretty solid spec overall. Specialized makes a couple of accessories for the new Turbo Levo SLmodels. This can be a very important feature for controlled training and for riders with health issues or serious heart conditions. Hold on, you’re getting this wrong… G Spot is the name of an incredible rollercoaster singletrack in the South African Stellenbosch. The problem is that when we first rode the Levo SL on our muddy home trails with long transfers between descents, we judged the bike’s performance based on its power, comparing it against conventional eMTBs with more powerful motors à la Bosch, rather than focusing on how naturally the bike handles on the trail. But it’s not just the motor of the Levo SL that is lighter – the battery is too. After countless test kilometers we can confidently say that just like the suspension fork, disc brakes and dropper posts did in the past, the Levo SL will revolutionise mountain biking in its own way and open up new horizons for both analogue and electric mountain bikers alike. total weight 130 kgMax. At just 1.95 kilograms, the SL 1.1 Motor is essentially half the weight of other crankbased motors. The magnesium motor casing is one of several advancements that help make the motor so … I test the 2020 Specialized Levo SL and Turbo Levo in a head to head. The Levo SL batteries have different connectors and work on a different voltage. The new 320 Wh battery and SL 1.1 motor weigh just as much as the 700 Wh battery of the current Levo alone. Weight: 39.59lbs Still, the Levo SL would look great with a FOX 36 fork and a more powerful rear shock with a piggyback reservoir, even if they are slightly heavier than the standard FOX 34 fork and FOX FLOAT DPS Factory damper. In the big 2020 trail bike group test of our sister magazine ENDURO, we pitted the new Levo SL Expert against 14 of the most popular analogue mountain bikes of the season: it didn’t take us long to realise that the new Levo SL is capable of slaying most normal push bikes, all while taking eMTBing to a whole new level. Slowly the masses are converting, and chances are, the last holdouts are starting to wonder if they’re the only ones not taking craz-E pills. With its new motor concept, the S-Works Levo SL delivers a completely new eMTB experience: it’s a lot smoother, livelier and less tiring on flowy trails. eMTBers who ride a lot on flat trails and over the 25 km/h threshold and want to use an eMTB to improve their fitness level. Website: Specialized.com, FEATURES The revised location of their LED battery charge and po… The M5 alloy bikes do have a … Alongside the motor tuning options, the ecosystem also includes the Turbo Connect Unit (TCU) and the Mission Control app. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Depending on power mode selected and terrain, riders on the Levo SL can still get similar ride times at a pace somewhere between non-ebikes and their more powerful Levo/Kenevo bikes. If you buy the optional Range Extender Battery, Specialized also sells a Y-Splitter attachment ($60) so that you can simul-charge both batteries at the s… On the other hand, if you’re used to riding to the top of the hill solely with the power of your legs, the Levo SL makes you feel like you’re on steroids. The Range Extender battery and cable weigh 2 lbs and 6 oz. In a direct comparison, it’s not any quieter than larger motors such as the Shimano or Brose. That can be augmented with an optional Range Extender, which expands the capacity by 160 Wh and weighs 1050 g. The compact Range Extender fits into the bottle cage and is connected via a cable to the charging socket of the Levo SL, located at the base of the seat tube. Like their non-powered siblings however, eMTBs are getting lighter, more refined and ride better with every iteration. The connection cable for the Range Extender costs € 29.90. Charging both batteries at once will take 3:20 hours using the optional Y-cable adapter. According to Specialized, it takes about 2:30 h to fully charge the 320 Wh internal battery, and about 2:30 h for the 160 Wh Range Extender. Long delivery times, limited availability and higher prices for 2021. This affects the bike in many ways including bike handling, portaging, putting the bike on vehicle rack or just moving the bike in the garage. According to our 2019 reader survey with over 10,000 participants, only about 5% of our readers use the strongest support level on their eMTB. With a new motor and an impressive weight of 16.9 kg, the brand new Specialized S-Works Levo SL 2020 paves the way for a brand new type of eMTB. This reminds us that at the very least since the introduction of this new generation of compact motors, that it no longer makes sense to look at figures in isolation and draw hasty conclusions. In fact, this engineering triple threat provides exceptional stiffness-to-weight … Read the new issue of E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine now. You’ll also find many helpful tips and a guide to the most exciting eMTB trends – all of this is wrapped in a high quality print format. A rough guide: the most powerful support mode of the Levo SL corresponds approximately to the Tour mode of the new Bosch Performance CX or the Eco of the Specialized Levo. Once you turn your nose downhill, you’re in for a big surprise. We took it from the muddy trails of southern Germany, through the rocky hills of Tuscany all the way to the dry and dusty singletrack of South Africa, some of which you might recognise from the Cape Epic. The modes can be tweaked using two parameters: peak power and support. At 17.7 kg, the Expert model weighs around 800 grams more than the S-Works model (in size L). After our exclusive test of the Lapierre eZesty (Click for review) last year, and more recently the Nox Helium (Click for review), also with a FAZUA drive, we quickly recognised the potential of lightweight eMTBs with a little less support and were excited to see the technical solutions the Specialized team would come up with. The Twist-Lock screw cap prevents the cable from coming loose on rough terrain, but it’s also advisable to use the included rubber band to keep the extra battery in place. However, we have to admit that in this case the new Specialized Levo SL probably deserves that description and might be the biggest and most important news of the year in the mountain bike sector. While with most current eMTB drives the power of the motor can compensate for poor gear choices, the new motor of the Levo SL reaches its limits a lot sooner. The engagement angle of the cranks for the motor to deliver its power is small, yet always easy to control. We were the only magazine worldwide to be given the exclusive opportunity to test the new Turbo Levo SL … In the standard setting, both batteries supply the motor with power simultaneously, avoiding the issue. Specialized also made a limited number of S-Works Turbo Levo SL Founder’s Edition bikes that retail for $16,525. But more importantly, the feel of the motor around the assistance limit (25 km/h in Europe) when the motor stops supporting you, is so much better: where other motors engage and disengage relatively abruptly, the SL 1.1 motor implements the transition from supported to muscle powered riding extremely smoothly. Along with being significantly lighter, the SL system also delivers less power and potentially, a shorter range. Ben was lucky enough to get a chance to ride the new Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp Carbon before it was released to the public. It’s hard to talk about ebikes like the Specialized Turbo Levo without talking about the stigma and hate that North American riders have spewed for the last few years. The range includes three carbon models and one aluminum version. All models are available in four sizes – S, M, L and XL – and the Levo SL Comp Alloy also comes in an XS, making it an interesting option for both kids and shorter riders. Specialized claims riders can get roughly a five-hour ride out of the Levo SL but that can vary greatly depending on many factors like rider weight, elevation and the settings selected in your Mission Control app. total weight 130 kgMax. Spec on the Expert Carbon Levo SL is competent and capable for a 150mm trail bike. We did and we noticed huge differences in the riding characteristics. This feature modulates the power supplied by the battery in real-time to try and achieve the parameters you have set. Sporting 150mm of front and rear wheel travel, this Class 1 (pedal assist 20mph cutoff) eMTB comes in a variety of builds and price points. In addition to this price increase, the trend of the Turbo Levo SL has been to reduce the weight so much that it looks like a … Chainstays sit at 437mm and connect to a 348mm high bottom bracket. Nevertheless, the infamous “hit-a-wall-feeling” is mostly an illusion, a trick your mind plays on your sense of speed and strength. COMPONENT REVIEWS If you need a spare Range Extender or if you own a Comp model which doesn’t come with one as standard, you’ll have to pay an extra €369.90. Below 20% charge, the Range Extender significantly reduces its output, which means the motor delivers less power. We designed the Turbo Levo Comp to be a proper trail bike, first and foremost. riding equipment Test bike: Specialized S-Works Levo SL (size L), Total riding time: 2:34 h Total distance: 44 km Altitude gained: 930 m Total battery consumption: 316 Wh out of 320 Wh Average support: +115 %, Total riding time: 2:20 h Total distance: 33 km Altitude gained: 1.015 m Total battery consumption: 230 Wh out of 320 Wh Average support: +82 %, Total riding time: 1:45 h Total distance: 24 km Altitude gained: 1.007 m Total battery consumption: 175 Wh out of 320 Wh Average support: +93 %. At first glance, it could be mistaken for its analogue counterpart, the Specialized Stumpjumper. We’ll have more to report on this as we ride the bike over the coming months. If you’re used to riding conventional trail bikes, you don’t have to spend time adjusting to the Levo SL. You can even use Specialized’s range calculator to help you gauge battery usage on your upcoming rides. Moreover, the bikes also share similar geometry except for the chainstays. New Pivot Shuttle Team XTR 2021 with a 726 Wh battery and Shimano EP8 – True to its word? Before we get into the review, we would like to tell you about our latest print edition. In the latest trail bike group test of our sister magazine ENDURO, this model secured our coveted ‘Best Buy’ badge. Just to give you an example, if you blast down the Autobahn at 200 km/h and suddenly enter a 30 km/h zone, you feel as if you’re crawling like a snail. WHAT’S THE WEIGHT RANGE WITHIN THE LEVO SL LINE? The SL 1.1’s performance at the 25 km/h threshold is without equal. eMTB The Mission Control app is easy to use and allows riders the ability to customize power settings and support in various modes. So, while you’ll be riding slower, according to Specialized you should be able to ride for just as long as with the Levo, which has a battery capacity of over 700 Wh. If so, ask them how many you’re allowed to take with you – most companies, will allow a maximum of two per person. This latest e-bike is seriously impressive with a small … When we first rode the Specialized Levo SL on our home trails around Stuttgart in December 2019, we weren’t too sure about it and initially complained about the lack of motor power and the missing eMTB power we were used to. In its lightest weight form, it tips the scales at … Specialized also made a limited number of S-Works Turbo Levo SL Founder’s Edition bikes that retail for $16,525. Words by Drew Rohde | Photos by Dusten Ryen Most of the components fitted to the S-Works Levo SL, which retails at € 12,999, are perfectly suited to trail use. And then, at the official launch in Stellenbosch, South Africa, we found that the maximum support level was even too much at times. The best ebike navigation systems on test – 5 devices go head to head. Built using Specialized’s FACT 11m carbon fiber, the Turbo Levo SL neatly houses the removable 320Wh in a slim downtube. We know that hate because we too held it up until about 16 months ago. NEWS The new Specialized Levo SL is more than a compromise between a Levo and a Stumpjumper. Specialized have launched an eMTB based on their ever popular Stumpjumper platform, in the form of the Turbo Levo SL. While Specialized has improved their e-bike controls since the last model we tested, especially the location of the LED display, it still loses a little ground to the competition in this metric. The solid spec includes an aluminum wheelset, 12 speed SRAM NX Eagle groupset and FOX Rhythm 34 Float fork. To be on the safe side, you can either set a higher remaining capacity or program a longer ride into your system. GEAR REVIEWS If you want to know how the Levo SL performed against 14 of the most popular trail bikes, head over to the huge, visionary group test of our sister magazine ENDURO (Click for review). At this point, you’ll fall into a “hole” before the main battery activates itself. For the e-mountain bike range, they have the Levo, Levo SL and Kenevo.From these three (3), I got really impressed with what the Turbo Levo offers.. The same applies to muddy conditions, where soggy terrain can swallow up a significant amount of energy. Drivetrain components include SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed shifter, derailleur, cassette and chain, with a 30t X-Sync chainring and 170mm Praxis forged crankset. The riding position of the Levo SL is nicely centred and well balanced. We tested the Levo SL … As there are more than 10 developers constantly working on the app there’s hope for updates and improvements. With its compact motor and a slim, fully integrated 320 Wh battery hiding in the downtube, the Levo SL has a very harmonious design and balanced proportions. For reference, the Turbo Levo has a 565W motor with 700Wh of battery power and a torque rating of 90Nm. Specialized have added a new eMTB to their lineup – the Turbo Levo SL. You’ll be truly overwhelmed by how rowdy you can get on this thing. But these test rides show us that even without a range extender, the Levo SL can cope even with longer rides with over 1,000 m vertical metres. The latter got very hot during our test runs in South Africa, some of which were quite long. The Turbo Levo SL looks like a Stumpjumper and, out on the trail, feels like one too. Nevertheless, we’ve spent enough time with the Levo SL to give you a rough idea of what to expect. Since the bike is significantly lighter than conventional eMTBs and the motor has virtually no internal resistance compared to other drives, the Levo SL remains fun to ride when the motor is turned off. And that’s exactly where the Levo SL is so different from everything else! The SL 1.1 motor weighs 1,100 grams less than the Levo and Kenevo’s 2.1 motor. Along with the smaller, lighter battery, the Levo SL saves major weight in the drive unit. Oct 3, 2018 1,318 273 GB www.allmountaincoaching.co.uk Ride Specialized … Only rides that start with long descents or extended flat sections and end with long climbs can cause some inconsistencies in the calculation. Given the battery capacity arms race, 320 Wh plus the additional 160 Wh from the Range Extender might sound meagre. Turbo Levo 2018 Specialized Levo … total weight 130 kgMax. On steep technical climbs, you’ll have to work hard even when using a high support level and pick your lines carefully as well as shifting gears more frequently than with a more powerful motor. TERMS OF USE It provides precise, sporty and good-natured handling that will forgive small mistakes. CONTACT US The time for the motor to ramp down when you stop pedaling can’t be adjusted on its own, but as this is linked to the support strength chosen, it can be regulated indirectly. If you’re hoping to use the Range Extender on your Levo, you’ll be disappointed. With the Range Extender, the Specialized Levo SL allows for many different and interesting usage scenarios. Fox Performance suspension front and rear come in the form of a 34 Float GRIP 51mm offset fork and Float DPS 3-position shock. The Levo SL doesn’t feel cumbersome at all, with an insane amount of cornering grip that delivers an intense riding experience while inspiring tons of confidence and offering a secure ride. The transition from supported to muscle powered riding is the best that we have ever experienced! I know that it would be worth checking on the Kenevo model too but for now, I will review the Specialized Turbo Levo … The Range Extender has another advantage – you can go travelling with it because 160 Wh is exactly the maximum capacity allowed on commercial flights. The S-Works Levo SL, for example, comes in at 17.35Kg/38.25lb (for a size Large with tubes) while the Aluminium Comp comes in at 19.4Kg/42.7lbs (also in size Large). THE LAB One of the biggest differences between the two bikes is the weight. Digital & free: the Creo SL electric road bike (Click for review), head over to the huge, visionary group test of our sister magazine ENDURO (Click for review), Specialized Levo SL vs. Stumpjumper vs. Levo in test (Click for review), How the Levo SL is changing the face of mountain biking! Marco Sonderegger during the official launch in Stellenbosch, South Africa. And it’s incredible fun as it rides like a trail bike. The magnesium motor casing is one of several advancements that help make the motor … At the heart of the new Specialized Levo SL sits the new Specialized SL 1.1 mid-motor drive, which delivers 35 Nm torque and provides a maximum power output of 240 watts. The numbers are far from edgy but are what make this bike so loved by so many riders. The Specialized Levo SL looks like a mountain bike, rides like one (in many ways even better) and offers a smart and unique ecosystem made up of excellent motor performance, a thoughtful battery concept and modular range extender, as well as great integration, customization options and app connectivity. ... Levo SL Comp ($6,525) Comp … The Turbo Levo SL Comp has an aluminium alloy frame while the rest of the bikes in the range have full carbon frames. Just to be on the safe side and avoid unnecessary stress at the check-in desk, confirm with your airline that you’re allowed to keep the Range Extender in your hand luggage. How much does the Specialized 1.1 motor weigh? Where most of the weight was lost is in the motor which lost 2.4 lbs, now at 4.3 lbs. Words: Robin Schmitt Photos: Robin Schmitt, Etienne Schoeman, Gary Perkin, Christoph Bayer. Specialized offers a 160Wh Range Extender battery that fits in the water bottle cage and will bump total battery capacity to 480Wh. Over a period of two months, a total of ten ENDURO and E-MOUNTAINBIKE editorial staff were able to get familiar with the bike, test it and play around with all the motor set-ups and app functions. The peak power regulates the maximum power output the motor will deliver – the Levo SL has a maximum output of 240 watts. Even small tweaks in the Mission Control app make a remarkable difference. Of course, we understand that Specialized wanted to differentiate the Levo SL from thoroughbred downhill machines like the Kenevo – amongst other reasons, also to save some weight. In the highest support level, the motor pushes strongly but you don’t have to cling onto the bars like with the Levo, which churns out twice as much power. With the Smart Control function, you can control and optimise the range by specifying how many kilometers or how many hours you want to ride and how much juice you want to have left when you get to your destination. Whilst the Specialized 2.1 motor of the Levo was designed to combine maximum power with the most natural ride feeling possible, the idea behind the new SL 1.1 drive of the Levo SL was to create a super light system that wouldn’t feel too dissimilar to a conventional trail bike. The support setting decides how hard you have to pedal to reach that peak. Riders who we bet $200 just one year ago that they’d love ebikes by 2021, trying to weasel out of the deal, “Well, those other bikes have 565 watts of power and such huge batteries, but, the SL only has 240 watts and a smaller battery, it’s not the same.” We smile and nod, but at the end of the day we don’t really care because we spent plenty of time making excuses ourselves before we just said screw it, we like fun, and these bikes are fun! In terms of features, usability and riding performance, the system clearly differentiates itself from the manufacturers’ standard motors, being the product of a lot of co-development with Specialized. We were the only magazine worldwide to be given the exclusive opportunity to test the new Turbo Levo SL for a couple of weeks before its official release.

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